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The Hidden Message of the Bible

By Erwin McManus

Well, itís almost here, what may be the most anticipated movie of the last 20 years.  Itís amazing so much controversy has surrounded a book that can only be bought in the fiction section.  I donít think there has ever been more rebuttals to a book that acknowledges it is a product of someoneís vivid and creative imagination.  If you think about it, the actual title of any book that has been written to counteract the effect of The DaVinci Code should be ďWhy Dan Brownís make-believe story isnít true.Ē  Donít get me wrong, itís really important to me what people think of Jesus, but instead of upsetting me that people are thinking the wrong thing about Him, I guess I am pretty amazed that 2000 years later people are still thinking about Him at all.  Kind of tells you something about the extraordinary nature of this simple carpenter out of Nazareth. 

I donít think it is coincidental that The DaVinci Code has hit such a compelling cord among its audience.  Perhaps two of the most compelling figures in history are Leonardo DaVinci and Jesus of Nazareth.  Add to that recipe a conspiracy theory, a subversive plot, and the decoding of long-held secrets then you have a story that becomes a magnet to the human curiosity. 

What has been curious to me is how many people have without reservation embraced The DaVinci Code as unquestioned historic fact.  Ironically, the very same people who reject the Scriptures for lack of substantial evidence readily embrace The DaVinci Code as if we found the original manuscript right next to The Gospel of Judas.  I think there is a reason why we lean towards believing that something more is going on besides what we see in modern day Christianity and Catholicism.  Even the smallest amount of understanding of who Jesus was would cause you to wonder how in the world could present day Christianity be what his life was all about.  I think we not only are ready to believe that there must be more to the story of Jesus.  I think deep down we hope that there is.  If all the death of Jesus was about was the establishing of a new religion, it seems like an incredible waste of energy. 

And for those who are searching for the secret code of the Bible, the hidden message that has been buried and lost over the centuries, my message is do not lose heart.  Your instincts are right, the message of Jesus has been lost in the catacombs of thousands of years of empty religion.  Jesus never intended his movement to be about cathedrals and robes and titles and power.  He never intended to establish a religious version of the Roman Empire. 

The secret message of the Bible is one of elegant simplicity:

  •  We are created in the image and likeness of God. 

  •  We are the object of his passionate love and concern.

  • We have potential beyond our wildest imagination.

  • We were created to live in relationship with God.

  • We are spiritual beings and need God to be fully alive.

  • We are closer to God than we know.

  • We have been lied to about what God demands of us.

The secret that must be exposed is that God has come into human history in the person of Jesus Christ so that all of us might become the sons and daughters of God.  We are all to be the holy grail.

Perhaps what I love most about the controversy created by The DaVinci Code is that it exposes how the institutional church has corrupted the message and mission of Jesus Christ.  It has clouded in secrecy and hypocrisy what should have remained a simple message of acceptance, forgiveness, and freedom.  Yes, there is a secret, and it is that our souls long for God and that strangely enough, as hard as it may be to believe, God longs for you. 


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