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Articles on The Da Vinci Code
The producer of Quest for the Code, the Institute for Religious Research (IRR), does not necessarily endorse all the views expressed in the articles on this site or by the authors elsewhere in their writings.

Christian Beliefs Before the Bible – Darrell Bock
No MP3s, no books – how did 1st century Christians keep it straight?

Yeah, Whatever - This Is All About You Know Who – Frederica Matthews-Green
Why people fall in love with Jesus.

Fiction and Truth – Angela Elwell Hunt
When a “good book” may not be good for you.

The Hidden Message of the Bible – Erwin McManus
Dan Brown and the secret that satisfies a soul-deep hunger.

Jesus, Da Vinci and Cheerios – Sr. Rose Pacatte, FSP
What happens when Nuns talk “chastity” around the breakfast table.

Cracks in the Da Vinci Code – Ron Huggins 
A historian of early Christianity thinks “Brown’s performance hovers somewhere between the pathetic and the reprehensible.”

Articles on some of Christianity’s toughest issues

How Can It Be Morally Right For Jesus To Die For Our Sins?  If killing an innocent man in place of a guilty one is so unthinkable, how can Christians believe it could be right for Christ to die for the sins of the world?

Reasons To Believe Christ Rose From The Dead  Jesus makes the greatest of all come backs – from brutal torture and execution to radiant life complete with walk-through-walls power.  After this article it will take more faith to believe it didn’t happen. 

How Can The Judeo-Christian Tradition Be Defended, Considering Its Past Intolerance Of Other Religions? Crusaders, conquistadores and cilice-toting monks raise eyebrows and questions about the Christian-ness of Christianity.  Here’s why intolerance may be a necessary, albeit neglected virtue. 

Q&A on the Gospel of Judas with Dr. Clinton E. Arnold  Its discovery made headlines, does its content challenge the faith of millions?

Online Bible Studies

Deepen your knowledge and understanding of Jesus and the Bible with online courses from a variety of perspectives.

Learning About Jesus — A study of the person of Jesus in the Gospel according to Luke. Oriented to those who have never studied the New Testament.

لنتعلم عن يسوع 
(Learning about Jesus – in Arabic)
ان افضل الطرق لنكتشف ما قاله و فعله يسوع المسيح المنتظر حقا هو أن نقرأ الإنجيل.   ان الدّروس القصيرة في هذا الكتاب قد صمّمت لكى تصلح كدليل إلى الإنسان الذي يقرأ

The Scenes of Life —  A study course of special interest to those of Jewish background.

The Compelling Christ — Some of the basic reasons why Christians believe Jesus is God and why the New Testament provides a reliable account of his life and teachings.

A Reasoning Faith — If you refuse to check your brain at the door, this study is for you. 

Growth In Grace — Calling all who are tired of living a faith that’s a mile wide and an inch deep.  Jesus said “the truth will set you free” for a reason.

Links to other DVC resources

A whole page devoted to DVC issues that relate to the Bible.

Crash Goes the Da Vinci Code – Ron Rhodes
Thorough answers to relevant questions like:

  • Is All Religion Based On Fabrication?

  • Is Christianity Rooted In Paganism?

  • Is The Bible An Unreliable Document?

  • Were There Eighty Gospels Competing For Inclusion In The New Testament?

  • Did Constantine Convert the World From Matriarchal Paganism to Patriarchal Christianity?

Da Vinci Code & Jesus – Important truths that govern your spiritual state, both now and in the hereafter.


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